Welcome to Grafin Invest

Grafin Invest and Sentange Group London aims to make a constructive contribution to policy affecting private capital investment in Croatia  (EU member since 2007)  . Also we invest in Slovenia (EU member since 2004) and Montenegro (non EU member, accession of the country to the EU is considered possible by 2025)

We provide information to the public on our members’ role in the economy. 

Our research provides the most authoritative source of data on trends and developments in our industry. 
As specialists in Grafin, we are the reference for demanding customers who want top class architecture or investment. 

One of the primary goals of our project is to recognize and highlight quality organizations which can improve green business processes in projects, so if you see yourself as a partner in this unique project, as a corporation, company or individual, please feel free to contact us.

Just think green before it turns black

Just think green before it turns black